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Loves of my Life!

He was a senior, and had the most lovable smile I had ever seen. I was a freshman and was just excited to be invited to prom with a friend. We randomly bumped into each other on the dance floor without really knowing each other, lost our dates (we still feel a little bad about it to this day) and started dancing. That was 12 years ago, and since then we’ve created a life and family I cherish. We now have two sweet boys that we love more than anything! Motherhood so far has truly been a dream come true and I'm so blessed to have been blessed with such a precious title.

I absolutely love spending time with our family. It’s my absolute number one thing to do and the reason we found ourselves back in Virginia. Thad and I are self-proclaimed foodies. He is my personal chef and I get to enjoy everything he puts on my plate. We both love good, local food so much we plan vacations around it.

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