30 Weeks Pregnant!

I’m back with another pregnancy update…finally! I’m going to try be better and post a few more before this babe is born! Things have been going by SO quickly and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I’m an impatient person and can’t wait to meet my lil’ dude..even though I love being pregnant!

How far along: 30 weeks! This is nuts.

Baby’s size: He’s the size of a “large eggplant” or a cucumber..I find that hard to believe seeing as how he was the size of a butternut squash last week.

Gender: Boy!!

Total weight gain: About 19 lbs

Name: To be announced even though lots of people know! (same lame response as last time!)

What I’m wearing: I found a few maternity clothes, but still just trying to make some pre-preggo stuff work. I only have 10 weeks or less left, so I’m mostly on a buy as I need basis. This outfit- a pair of maternity jeans from ASOS, a Gap Maternity t-shirt and a pre-preggo J.Crew shirt over top.

Stretch marks: None on the belly yet! A couple on my right hip.

Sleep: I’m sleeping okay! I wake up on my back all the time and it freaks me out because they tell you not to sleep on your back. Help!

Best moment of this week: Going home for my baby shower! I have some amazing friends and family. I was overwhelmed with the love and generosity shown to our growing family! Also- celebrating my hubby’s birthday!

Miss anything?: Nothing pre-pregnancy related. I do miss my family and am jealous of all the snow they are getting! Can’t wait for the holidays!

Movement: Still lots of movement, but the kicks have turned into him rolling around. Sometimes I like to just lay there to feel him move. It’s the most reassuring, amazing feeling in the world!

Foods I’m loving: Hmm…some really bad things. Caramel cremes. I loved them before but it’s like a little bit of heaven lately. Also honey bunches of oats for breakfast! These cravings could be healthier, but I’m just keepin’ it real.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: No nausea or food aversions! That probably explains the jump in weight gain over the last ten weeks!

How are you feeling?: Great! I’m just feeling a little less mobile haha.

Symptoms: Pregnancy brain. For real. Also I’m losing a little energy and breathing ability haha.

Labor signs: Braxton hicks still! But no real labor signs…we want those to come way later!

Wedding rings on or off: On!

Happy or moody?: Happy!! I’m just in awe of the miracle that’s happening! Cheesy, but there’s just no other way to put it.

I’m excited about:

-Going home for Thanksgiving next week!..and FOOD.

-We got our new puppy named Frances a couple of weeks ago! I’ll add a couple of photos below. It was a crazy first week- I can’t be the only one who forgot how much hard work a puppy is. Things have settled down and she already has potty training down. So proud of that lady.

-Nesting. This house STILL needs to see some nesting. I’m finally getting the desire and Thad cleaned out his stuff from the baby’s room. Progress.


  1. Kathy McCann says:

    You look beautiful

  2. Val Stanton says:

    Love my beautiful girl and her growing family!

  3. Pam Lester says:

    Looking great. Know you guys are excited, waiting for this new addition.

  4. gail says:

    I love you guys . Hope to see you Thanksgiving.

  5. Rianga says:

    Your husbands name is Thad? R u gonna name the kid Thad jr. anyway you look great!


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