37 Weeks Pregnant!

How far along: 37 weeks and 5 days! Can’t believe we only have a little over two weeks to go…and he could come early! EEEK so excited!

Baby’s size: He’s the size of a winter melon and around 6.2 lbs

Gender: Boy!!

Total weight gain: Oh gosh- about 35 lbs so far and counting! I don’t weigh myself anymore at home…I might before I go to the hospital just get a final count. Fun stuff.

Stretch marks: Still none on the belly, but plenty on the hips!

Sleep: This is getting harder. Just turning over at night takes everything in me, and I’m waking up tons! It’s not too bad, though.

What I’m wearing: Obviously I’m not buying any more maternity clothes since I only have a couple of weeks left, so I’m seriously living in sweats/pjs/leggings 98% of the time. Nothing fits. Here I’m wearing a pre-preggo J.Crew sweatshirt, maternity jeans from ASOS and my bean boots.

Best moment of this week: Having my family here last weekend! We were so sad we couldn’t go home for Christmas, so it was awesome having our families visit soon after! Also, some sweet friends threw another shower for me this weekend here in SC. It was so much fun!

Miss anything?: Not really!

Belly button in or out?: In!

Movement: Movement has gotten a little slower…he’s running out of room!

Foods I’m loving: Chocolate. Reese’s minis to be exact. It’s SO bad. I bought a couple of bags of candy to take to the hospital for the nurses a few weeks ago and I’m gonna need to re-buy that. Also pancakes. I feel terrible that it’s nothing healthy, but there it is. It’s so funny because I was so not into sweets the first 20 or so weeks. Now it’s literally all I can think about. Don’t worry I don’t just live on these things even though if I could, I would.

How are you feeling?: Pretty good during the day! Just getting to that stage where everything (like putting shoes) on is difficult. Thad has to help me and gets frustrated when I wear boots ha. I’m a lot more achy at night when I have to turn over or get up. As much as I love being pregnant, I’m pretty ready for him to arrive!

Symptoms: All of them. I’ve started nesting big time this week. I’m slowly crossing things off my list and it feels amazing!

Wedding rings on or off: Still on but I can tell they are more snug.

How’s your mood: Happy and so anxious/excited! I seriously don’t know how I’ll wait another 2 weeks!

Baby buys: Since my last update the only main thing we’ve gotten is the Halo Bassinest…I’m obsessed with it!

Labor signs: Although I’m looking for labor signs every day, I’ve just had tons of Braxton Hicks.

I’m excited about:

-The day this boy arrives! It’s all I can think about and I’m driving myself crazy googling every tiny labor symptom I have…it keeps me occupied and confused.

-Watching Thad become a father!

-I can’t wait for all of our family to meet him! It’s the first baby we’ve had on either side of the family in 14 years, so there’s going to be some excitement over this little guy! 🙂

There’s always a dog in at least one of these!

  1. Tamitha Durham says:

    I love reading your updates! I am praying for a safe, healthy delivery! I am excited to see this family with their new edition!

  2. Kathryn says:

    all I have to say is the ” watching Thad become a dad” part made me cry, and how in the heck is your belly button still in hahah. Love you. So excited. You are glowing

  3. Cindy says:

    How exciting! You’re so beautiful inside and out. Don’t goggle anymore, it will make you feel like your brain has been run over by a hummer. God is doing amazing things within you and your baby right now. Just think you are now a Wonder Woman! Without us wonder women, the earth would not be populated. So eat what you want and sleep all you can!


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