Thank you

Grateful. Today I’m feeling so incredibly grateful for my clients and those who support and love on this business. We’ve all seen the memes of how small businesses do a happy dance when they get to work with someone new vs. large companies, and it’s 100% true. This business of mine has a long way to go to meet my vision, but I know as a mama I have important work to do at home as well, and these things take time. Through countless moves and starting over, I just want to say thank you to anyone who has experienced even an ounce of joy from my work. This business has provided for our family during times when we needed it most. Some moments where the timing was so exact, a blessing is the only way to describe it.

So as we enter this holiday season, please love on your favorite small businesses. I promise it’s worth it and it never, ever goes unnoticed ❤️


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